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Get Active This Summer

Join our 8 week Krav Maga or Kick Boxing Summer Program

8 Weeks of Unlimited Kickboxing $129

Kickboxing is a full-body boxing workout that changes your body by giving you the perfect combination of strength and cardio training. Kickboxing is a great stress reliever too! Our workouts focus on proper technique to give you the best workout and help you avoid injury. Our classes offer a high intensity workout that is adaptable for any fitness level. We teach the fundamentals of kickboxing and incorporate body weight or free weights into ever class. Kickboxing will strengthen and tone your arms, legs, back, core, stamina and build your confidence. This summer, come experience a workout that will get you results!

8 Weeks Unlimited Krav Maga $129
(high school and up)

Krav Maga teaches you how to defend yourself by building on your body’s natural reactions to being attacked and giving you the tools – and the strength – to disarm and defeat your opponents. As you train, you’ll build stamina and hone your reflexes until you are a fighting machine. Krav Maga provides a great workout too! If you’re looking for a purpose behind your training, try out Krav Maga this summer!

Want to try both?

8 Weeks Unlimited Krav Maga and Kickboxing $149
Combine the benefits of both Krav Maga and Kickboxing this summer. Learn how to defend yourself, and hang out for a high intensity kickboxing class that will reinforce your Krav skills and give you the training you need to defend yourself.

Whether it's TaeKwon-Do, Krav Maga, KickBoxing or Self Defense training our focus is on building confidence in our children and our adults. Confidence in who they are and confidence in how to defend themselves. Empowering them with skills that will help them hold their head up high and succeed in all areas of life.



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